Attention Reno Warehouse Managers:

"Local Man Delivers Gently Used (But Good Quality) Pallets At 30%-70% Off Pallet Yard Prices... With Smaller Minimum Orders And Free Delivery."

pallets in reno
Owner Adam G. Katz with his "pallet assistant".

Reno Pallets

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#1 and #2 Pallets - Milled Pallets - Crates - Drums - Wooden Reels - Corrugated Boxes - 55 Gallon Metal Drums - Dunnage

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If you buy pallets or other shipping accessories on a regular basis then you already know that the industry is dominated by two types of players:

  • The Pallet Yards: They charge you exorbitant retail prices and require large minimum orders. Maybe they leave a trailer in your yard and pick it up before you're ready... and then charge you for the privilege. They have big overheads and they pass their expenses along to you!

And the other end of the spectrum:

  • The Shifty Fly-By-Night Pallet Hustler: You know the type... they look like they haven't taken a bath in three days. They're "rough" and they're not dependable. Good luck trying to keep a consistent inventory or not have pallets piling up in your yard if you're expecting these guys to keep their promises.

But not us.

We're on a mission to save 100,000 trees by delivering gently used pallets that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

"Call Reno Pallets. They make our lives easier and our warehouse operations run more smoothly."
- Louis Enrique, Owner - Chemical Rocha

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